Slam Radio 377 | Peder Mannerfelt
Slam Radio 377 | Peder Mannerfelt
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Artist: V.A.
Show: Slam Radio 377 | Peder Mannerfelt
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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Slam Radio 377 with Peder Mannerfelt
From obtuse angles to intense physicality, Peder Mannerfelt’s highly individual take on techno demands attention and consideration. While his many-sided body of work reaches back more than a decade, the Swedish producer’s current investigations in the field of experimental dance music are as prolific as they are unpredictable.

To date he has recorded an accomplished series of albums as Roll The Dice alongside Malcolm Pardon, explored a more direct strain of techno as The Subliminal Kid and also lent his production skills to Fever Ray’s acclaimed debut album and 2017’s Plunge.
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