The Bunker Podcast 210 – Tristan Arp
The Bunker Podcast 210 - Tristan Arp
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Show: The Bunker Podcast 210 – Tristan Arp
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
Source: RSS

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The Bunker Podcast 210 – Tristan Arp Tracklist

artist statement from Tristan Arp: I’m grateful for the adventure of producing this Bunker mix––a collage of polyrhythmic explorations from around the world that point to the pursuit of all rhythms slinky, freaked-out, and asymmetrical. I wanted to sculpt these selections into new forms by carving and collaging heavily, so you’ll hear up to four channels playing at the time. The hidden potential in a wild combination is what keeps me curious, and the glue that holds this web together. These zones have kept me moving while finishing Suggested Forms (out Feb 14th on Human Pitch) and Temporary Music by my collaborative project Asa Tone on Leaving Records. Please support all the brilliant soundbenders behind these tracks and buy their records -~)


Popp – Manate

Konduku – Bolu

rRoxymore – Hectadrums

Toma Kami – Negative Extasy

DJ Plead – Giz

LSDXOXO – Death Rattle

Natlek – Education

El Irreal Ventiuno – Nu

Kellen303 – Risky

Pelada – Perra

Two Shell – Run

Tristan Arp – Swept Thru (Unreleased)

Leif – Igam Ogam

Bambooman – Bird Season

Tristan Arp – Squig (Unreleased)

DJ Firmeza – Intenso

Anunaku – Temples

Cassius Select – They Shook

Raime – The Nourishment Cycle

Pavel Milyakov – B.A.D.

DJ Balani – Electron (Tristan Arp Edit)

DJ Sotofett – Tribute To Sore Fingers

TSVI – Pull Up

LR Groove – 1st Step

Logic1000 – Precision

Slikback – Kyokai

Soundbwoy Killah – Loiner Dub

Beta Librae – Ephemeral

*Whale Sounds (Field Recording)*