The Bunker Podcast 218 – HE VALENCIA
The Bunker Podcast 218 - HE VALENCIA

Show: The Bunker Podcast 218 – HE VALENCIA
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
Source: RSS

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The Bunker Podcast 218 – HE VALENCIA Tracklist

HE VALENCIA is an Indiana midwest based dj, producer, cultural theorist and techno historian who has been active in North American techno since 2010, hotly tipped by the likes of DJ Stingray, Jamal Moss & Carlos Souffront. He contributes to the long legacy of black midwest techno by exploring the many permeations and intersections of techno and other electronic dance music.

artist statement: “this particular mix is a direct reflection of my position geographically and sonically, being located between the legacies of Chicago and Detroit. i consider myself a student of the game and always want my sets to reflect the energy of being able to navigate between many different styles of techno or house. Part of this mix is an amalgamation of records that i’ve been playing throughout the past few years touring and learning about who i am as a dj and finally hitting a point of fluidity to express myself sonically. To me, midwest techno legacy has always been about being able to stitch many different styles together in a consistent way and i hope this mix reflects that”.

Forest Drive West – Circles (2018) [Livity Sound]

Uun – Exhumed II.II (2018) [Modern Cathedrals]

The Mod Wheel – Spirit Catcher (1996) [Evolution]

Pangaea – Proxy (2018) [Hessle Audio]

Developer – Leather Corset (2018) [Concerns]

Rose & Ulysse – Mother Earth (2017) [Calder City Development Corp]

Earth Trax & Newborn Jr – Paradox (2018) [Spectral Sound]

Kirill Mamin – Plan Z (2019) [Mistress Recordings]

Sutra – Garbage (2017) [Boukan Records]

Maas – Juan Is The Teacher (1996) [Soma Quality Recordings]

Noah Gibson – Untitled (Convextion remix) (2019) [Krasch Records]

Molisans Brothers – 600 Entry (DJ Sneak remix) (2009) [BCBtec]

Redshape – Dogz (2014) [Running Back]

Black Jazz Consortium – Thin Air (2015) [Soul People Music]

Blue Hour – Axis Motive (Answer Code Request Remix) (2015) [Blue Hour]

Beroshima – Interplugreaction (Somewhen remix) (2019) [Dystopian]

Punctum & Alfredo Mazzilli – Cascade (2018) [Fides]

Vince Watson – Tale of two cities (2018) [Everysoul]

Sinfol & Octual – Traceless (2016) [Anagram]

Roman Poncet – Walfisch (Robert Hood remix) (2014) [Arts Collective]