Tracklistings Mixtape 577 – Grow
Tracklistings Mixtape 577 - Grow

Artist: Grow
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 577 – Grow
Genre: #House, #Electro
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Tracklistings Mixtape 577 – Grow Tracklist

For this installment of tracklistings we have a mix by CHP Recordings CEO Grow from West Palm Beach Florida. Alongside of a bunch of new belters by Code Rising, Fleck E.S.C., Kronos Device, Client 03, Memex, Fracture & Sam Binga, Djedjotronic, and Ben Pest, Grow has played the 7 tracks from his forthcoming album “Robüttz” that will be released on CHP in the near future and has not been previously heard anywhere. Enjoy the tunes!

00. Ohverclock – Follow Know One (sampled in intro)
01. Fracture & Sam Binga – EBP [Astrophonica]
02. Djedjotronic – Robot Fail [International Chrome]
03. Ohverclock – Follow Know One (R21’s Beats and Noize Remix)[CHP Recordings]
04. Code Rising – Leaving Earth [ElektroBreakz]
05. Client 03 – Morality Corruption Splice Pointer [Cultivated Electronics]
06. Grow – Late [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
07. Anthony Nuzzo – Stalkher [CHP Recordings]
08. Grow – Trapped Inside [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
09. Grow – Below Heaven (Pip Williams Remix)[CHP Recordings]
10. Grow – Eyes Wired Shut [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
11. Fleck E.S.C. – Twatter is the Future [Diffuse Reality]
12. Grow – Darkness Installing [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
13. Memex – Open Your Mind [Memex]
14. Grow – Lord of the Dead [CHP Recordings]
15. Grow – Scanners [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
16. Ben Pest – Direkt Slaps [No Static/Automatic]
17. Grow – Machine Integration [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
18. Kronos Device – The Men From Planet X [No Static/Automatic]
19. Fleck E.S.C. – Blood Sausage [Diffuse Reality]
20. Grow – Robot Ass Eaters [forthcoming on CHP Recordings]
21. Memex – Hello World [Memex]

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