Tracklistings Mixtape 590 – Venture Silk – Yearmix 2022 (Electro)
Tracklistings Mixtape 590 - Venture Silk - Yearmix 2022 (Electro)
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Artist: Venture Silk
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 590 – Venture Silk – Yearmix 2022 (Electro)
Genre: #House, #Electro
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Tracklistings Mixtape 590 – Venture Silk – Yearmix 2022 (Electro) Tracklist

Venture Silk is a Ukrainian-born electronic music producer and sound designer currently living in the Netherlands. His journey into music began in the early 2000s when he learned scratch technique and started to dj in Kyiv. Being a self-taught person he is constantly developing his musical taste and improves music production skills. Despite the fact that his music is direct in it’s genesis and influence, there is a whole narrative behind the musical creation. Conceptually, his music sounds similar to Detroit electro and has a breakbeat energy with techno flavor.

01. Sum – Pizno
02. 214 – Exit 32
03. ED08 – Robots
04. Kalcagni – After The Fact
05. Client_03 – Sense Combiner
06. Venture Silk – Sabotage
07. Saturated Color – Prism Span
08. Reflec – Spectra (dBridge remix)
09. Plant43 – Constantly Morphing Entity
10. Reptant – The Clique’s Clack
11. Jensen Interceptor x DeFekt – Free Your Body
12. Venture Silk – Wormhole
13. Splitradix – West Coast Way
14. DL-MS – Trusted Funk
15. Venture Silk – Shelter Our Sky
16. Sergey Russolo – Vesnianka
17. Techmarine Bottom Feeders – A Quagmire of Confusion (Aux 88 remix)
18. Theiz – Motor City Bliss (Carl Finlow remix)
19. Helsmoortel – Motions
20. Venture Silk – Brave Ukraine
21. Kørper – Batkivschyna
22. Radiant Futur – B is for Bavovna
23. Doon Kanda – Bloodlet (Animistic Beliefs remix)
24. Sterac aka Steve Rachmad – Hydroxy

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