Tracklistings Mixtape 603 – Wise808
Tracklistings Mixtape 603 - Wise808
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Artist: Wise808
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 603
Genre: #House, #Electro
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Tracklistings Mixtape 603 Tracklist

He was born in Madrid in the 80s. At that time he was too young to be admitted in clubs, but he managed to find a way to do it. His daring allowed him to live the experience and nightlife of the capital but what really fascinated him was the person who was playing records and how he was able to move the dance floor.

Soon he decided to buy some decks, start collecting records and make his own sets.

Influenced by the Post Punk, New Wave and EBM styles of the late 80’s and at the same time attracted by the sociocultural movement and the music coming from Detroit in his sessions he combines Electro and Techno adding his risky and cheeky character.

01. DJ Godfather – ONLY T0 TH3 FUTUR3
02. Francois Dillinger – Overlapped
03. Hadamard – My F___ing Job
04. OFK – Frustration
05. Baby T – Acid Science
06. Philo & Moogie Fox – Bouge Ton Cul
07. NN – Deception
08. Lag – Twitch
09. Dagga – Technobass Freak
10. Assembler Code – Architects
11. Anthony Rother – Stellarator
12. Amadeezy – Money On My Mind
13. Baby T – I Wish
14. DJ Godfather – Jit Or Die
15. The Exaltics & Egyptian Lover – Want You
16. Ben Pest – Mouth Lawson
17. Mezer – Reprogrammed Minds
18. Plus Size Models – Slipping
19. Dj Mell G – 2 Broke 4 Coce
20. Marco Bruno – Maverick
21. Shards – HHH888
22. CEM3340 – EXP
23. YTP – D33P3R
24. Animistic Beliefs – Torque Mortal
25. Slaves Of Sinus – On The Slate
26. Ulysses – Noodless (John Selway Remix)

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