Tracklistings Radio Show 013 – Bok Globule (1st Hour)
Tracklistings Radio Show 013 - Bok Globule (1st Hour)
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Artist: Bok Globule
Show: Tracklistings Radio Show 013 – Bok Globule (1st Hour)
Quality: MP3 – 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: House, Electro, Techno
Source: RSS

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Tracklistings Radio Show 013 – Bok Globule (1st Hour) Tracklist

Intro Transcription: “Hi, welcome back to the Tracklistings Radio Show. Today we have a massive show with our guests Bok Globule and ARA-U, who provide us with 2 hours of Electro heaters.

For the first hour we have the Barcelona-based artist – Bok Globule, owner of the remarkable Nebulae Records. The label features cuts by the likes of Sound Synthesis, Zobol, Curios, Trudge, Low Tape, Mihail P, to name a few. For more information visit Nebulae Records on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and all social media platforms.

Next, we have a vinyl-only mix by Venezuelan artist – ARA-U, head honcho of No Static / Automatic, an outlet that’s been featuring tracks from Carl Finlow, Radioactive Man, Dagga, Ben Pest, and many more. Visit if you wanna stay up to date with the label’s schedule.”

Without further ado, let’s get into the show, with Bok Globule and ARA-U, here on Deep Space Radio.”

01. António Sá – The Mnlg [Nebulae Records]
02. Route 8 – This Far [Lobster Theremin]
03. Tony Neptune – Breaking Outer Orbit [Twelve Comets]
04. Jailed Jamie – Ninja [Sin Hilo]
05. Turner Street Sounds – Time [Butter Sessions]
06. Featherstone – Hyphae [Ernest’s Way]
07. Yosh – Has It Got To Be [Dansu Discs]
08. Elliott – Tender [Ritual Poison]
09. Julian Muller – Last Minute Train [10 Pills Mate]
10. Rico Casazza & CPSL – 11.11 [Nebulae Records]
11. Dopefist – Does Everyone Feel This Way [Nebulae Records]
12. Qnete – Weightless [R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings]
13. Sansibar – Fantasmas [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
14. No Moon – E Then Q [Salt Mines]
15. Sölna – Quick Game [Sin Hilo]
16. Maelstrom & Fasme – Almond Blossom [Central Processing Unit]
17. Slacker – Nothing Is Enough [Lobster Theremin]
18. Galaxian – External Observer [Ilian Tape]

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