Tracklistings Radio Show 063 – Katrin Wolke
Tracklistings Radio Show 063 - Katrin Wolke
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Artist: Katrin Wolke
Show: Tracklistings Radio Show 063 – Katrin Wolke
Genre: #House, #Electro, #Techno
Source: RSS

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Tracklistings Radio Show 063 – Katrin Wolke Tracklist

01. Zamilska – Closer
02. Franck – Hear The Sound [R – Label Group]
03. Alexandre Laeddis – Pista [Front Left Records]
04. DYEN – Disturbinations [Grounded]
05. Mython – Reverse Funnel [Out Rage Records]
06. Sichtkontakt & Katrin Wolke – Turn Around [HTNY]
07. Vinka Wydro – L’étoile Noire (Sichtkontakt & Katrin Wolke Remix) [HTNY]
08. Florian Meindl – All Those Moments (Mython Remix) [FLASH Recordings]
09. Hiss – Sinister [Autonome Records]
10. Nicolas Vogler – Hot Days Unforgettable Nights [self release NCLS]
11. Alexandre Laeddis – Backhand [self release AL]
12. Lars Huismann – Echo [Mututal Rytm]
13. Juri Heidemann – Berklen [self release JHM]
14. Crespo Electronics feat. Nagio – D7717 [JHM]
15. Draugr – Escaped [Techno Is The Devil’s Music]
16. Barbosa – Wikka [Heist Mode]
17. Jonas Xenon – Du Und Das Gift [Voxnox]
18. SZG – Afternoon Before the Storm (Illiya Korniyenko Remix) [Marked]
19. Paride Saraceni – Unconditioned Mindset (Illiya Korniyenko Edit)

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