Tracklistings Radio Show 066 – Scape One
Tracklistings Radio Show 066 - Scape One
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Artist: Scape One
Show: Tracklistings Radio Show 066 – Scape One
Genre: #House, #Electro, #Techno
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Tracklistings Radio Show 066 – Scape One Tracklist

Kurt Baggaley, also known under the alias as Scape One is an Electronic music producer from England. Having started music production as far back as the 80’s it wasn’t until the 90’s with the advent of the new generation of contemporary electro and techno producers that Kurt began to release for various labels and as guest productions with Transparent Sound.

Preferring not to be tied to an genre and drawing influence from the Berlin School, Cold Wave, early 80’s Electro, Italo, Deep House, IDM and injecting everything into the melting pot.

With notable releases over the years on World Electric, Elektrix, Satamile, Emoticon, SCSI-AV, Southern Outpost, Drivecom, Cultivated Electronics, Brokntoys, CPU and Believe In. Since 2011 Kurt has used his real name to produce a more personalized and unique sound with the notable releases on SoHaSo, A Must Have and Chapter 24.

Kurt still produces Electro as Scape One and uses the name Tau Sagittarii for his Ambient synth music.

01. Infravolt – In Transition
02. Scape One/Kurt Baggaley – Simple Explanations
03. Marsheaux – Heaven
04. Tycho – Systems
05. Bibio – Petals (Ha Kwai Remix)
06. XY0815 – BOQ
07. Atom – Empty
08. Scape One/Tau Sagittarii – Dyson Swarm
09. Lucky Sun ft Debris – I Wanna Live
10. Double Knots – Double Vision (Toby Tobias Remix)
11. Koova – Is this Machine Recording?
12. Nosaj Thing – Us
13. Scape One/Tau Sagittarii – Cygnus
14. Tycho – Send & Receive (Chachi Jones Remix)
15. Scape One – Blimp Song
16. Turner – After Work (Carsten Jost Remix)
17. Scape One – Look Around

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