Tracklistings Radio Show 077 – IKARUS
Tracklistings Radio Show 077 - IKARUS
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Show: Tracklistings Radio Show 077 – IKARUS
Genre: #House, #Electro, #Techno
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Tracklistings Radio Show 077 – IKARUS Tracklist

He started DJing at the age of 16 when for the first time he was given some plates and a table almost looking like a toy. His curiosity for music grew more and more over the years, going through styles such as Techno, Minimal, Electro, without hardly knowing much about them…

Influenced by djs like Ima Txilaut, Trampas, Kreator… etc. his taste increasingly went more towards dark and rough sounds to the point of being very selective.

He has played in venues throughout the North area such as Pagoa, Loramendi, Artsaia, Zul, and numerous bars in Iruña and Donosti, all of them located in Spain. He has shared booth with national and international DJs from various guilds.

Currently he is dedicated to Techno and Electro, the latter being the one he is most passionate about.

‘Djdmierda’ and ‘IKARUS’ are his battle aliases. He considers himself crazy for the music and the art of DJing, since there is nothing else he likes more than that. He also likes to play IDM, Minimal and produce his crazy stuff for himself. He considers himself an amateur and home dj, since what he mostly enjoys it is playing for his people or at home raves.

01. Transpac – THX 1138 – The Future Is Here [Electro Records]
02. Transpac – The Future Is Here – The Future Is Here [Electro Records]
03. Transpac – They’re Watching Us Now – The Future Is Here [Electro Records]
04. Junq – Steath Shadows – [Art Mechanical]
05. A2 – Transpac – Telecom 1B (Syracuse) – Abduction Files 03/015 [Electro Records]
06. B2 – NOAMM – Necro Science – Abduction Files 03/011 [Electro Records]
07. Martin Matiske – Rubikon [Fmur Records]
08. B1 – MAS 2008 – It Started In Detroit – Electro Transmissions 001 [Electro Records]
09. No Moon – All Roads Lead To Here – Smal Moves [Mechatronica]
10. B1- Elliott – Metamorphic – Transcendence [Ritual Poison]
11 . B1- N-ter- Departure To Unknown – Ezzential Electro 05 [Electro Records]
12. Dynarec – A Dispatching Role – Force In The Sun [Central Processing Unit].
13. B3 – Lowfish – Knives – Electro Transmissions 008 [Electro Records]
14. A4- Transpac – France Telecom – Ezzential Electro 02 [Electro Records]

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