Tracklistings Radio Show 085 – Darren Void
Tracklistings Radio Show 085 - Darren Void
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Artist: Darren Void
Show: Tracklistings Radio Show 085 – Darren Void
Genre: #House, #Electro, #Techno
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Tracklistings Radio Show 085 – Darren Void Tracklist

“I’m not sure how it began, but I somehow found myself taking an interest in electronic music in the early 90s. At the age of about ten years old . I remember buying my first album – the Prodigy experience, back in 92 . I’d manage to get hold of the odd tape here and there and would ask for a tape pack or two each Christmas. Overtime, I built up a bit of a collection which I still own today .

Once I was old enough to go out and start earning I began to save towards my first set of decks, back in the late 90s, and would attempt to mix whatever records I could get hold of at the time . These days I mainly mix Techno. But I still have a wide range amongst my collection, ranging from Trance, Jungle, oldskool, Progressive House and many ranges of Techno.

Wanting to become more part of the scene, I planned to promote my own nights . And the covid happened. At that, I decided to go down the radio route. I very much enjoyed doing these shows and managed to have great guests on board such as Dave Tarrida, Funk D’Void, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Faydz, Colin Dale, Ribbz , The Aggressor and more.

Once covid restrictions were lifted, I started work on putting nights on again and becoming more part of the scene . Although hard work, I’m enjoying the venture and it’s great to be back out and enjoying the music and meeting great people.”

01. Benabou – Mood Of The Machine (Birth Of Frequency remix)
02. Relapso – Cardio
03. Benabou – Spiral (Ctrls Remix)
04. Memorial Home – Acoustic Treatment (Jonas Kopp Remix)
05. Oscar Mulero – GAS
06. Johannes Astrup – Fake Work
07. Birth of Frequency – The Spelling
08. Takaki Itoh – Warbler
09. NORBAK – Amongst Them
10. Birth of Frequency – The Spelling (Zadig Remix)
11. Mark Rogan – Sensory Perception
12. NORBAK – Pure and Faithful
13. Grindvik , Pfirter – Neu
14. Kessell – Raising Our Consciousness
15. NORBAK – Unbearable Lightness
16. Deano (ZA) – Cycles
17. Birth of Frequency – Windy City
18. Johannes Volk – Resist The Storm
19. Benabou – Mood Of The Machine

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