Tracklistings Mixtape 586 – Turmanuma
Tracklistings Mixtape 586 - Turmanuma
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Artist: Turmanuma
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 586 – Turmanuma
Genre: #House, #Electro
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Tracklistings Mixtape 586 – Turmanuma Tracklist

Turmanuma : I am a dj from Ukraine but now based in Hamburg. I don’t have a specific style, I like to mix electro, breakbeat, techno, ghetto. I would like to describe my music by referring to one of my listener’s comments “Okay, okay
Sounds thick. I like it I’m in minute 9 and it’s great transitions into phat ass bass

01. Driss Bennis pres. OCB – Unstable (DJ Version) [Casa Voyager]
02. Lagowski – Vector []
03. Interviews – Engine [Bitterfeld]
04. Koma + Bones – Slalom [Thursday Club Recordings (TCR)]
05. Aloka – Digeridoo [Nehza Records]
06. Code Walk – Red [Peder Mannerfelt]
07. Astral Projection – Free Tibet [Trust In Trance Records, Phonokol]
08. High Fidelity – Outta My Mind []
09. Doush – Truck F..k [JERRY HORNY]
10. STHL – Problematic [Brick Sweat Records]
11. Manao – XY2 [Your Character]
12. Juicy Selekta – Dizzee’s Drift to Tokyo [Plan G]
13. Bejenec – Schemat [& The Refugees]
14. Baby T – I Wish [Central Processing Unit]
15. Bejenec – But Now I’m Ha-Ha-Happy [& The Refugees]
16. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Original Mix) [RAM Records]
18. MCR-T – 1Of1 [Live From Earth]
19. DJ Freelancer – Mood Generator [FU.ME]
20. BroDawg ManDude – J1T SHIT (Original Mix) [Off Me Nut Records]

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